Grow Mini Greenhouse by Design House Stockholm

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A greenhouse for nature's smallest flowers, and a nursery for the plant's first stages of life. Caroline Wetterling's Grow is made of two glass parts. The bottom part holds the soil and the plant. The top part is a lid equipped with a spout, allowing it to be used as a watering can. It also functions as a valve that lets in air and regulates the moisture and temperature levels inside the greenhouse. Grow is made of hand-made glass.

Clear handmade glass.

Small: Ø 8 cm, H 14 cm (Ø 3", H 5.5") 
Medium: Ø12, H 24cm (Ø 5", H 9.5") 
Large: Ø 20 cm, H 32 cm (Ø 8", H 12.5")