Hammershøi Plate by Kähler

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This Hammershøi plate in white from Kähler is an elegant plate that suits for all occasions! Hammershøi is a modern tableware line that draws a fine common thread back to the early 20th century when Svend Hammershøi worked in Kählers old workshop at Kählersbakken in Denmark. Hammershøi was a famous artist, most known for his beautiful patterns and deep grooves. When Hans-Christian Bauer created this series for Kähler, he interpreted Hammershøi´s different expressions and combined them in a new way.

Hans-Christian Bauer


Small: Ø 19 cm.
Medium: Ø 22 cm.
Large: Ø 27 cm.
Soup Plate: Ø 21 cm
Soup Plate: Ø 26 cm