Hammershøi Vase by Kähler

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The beautiful Hammershøi vase mini by the Danish brand Kähler is designed by Hans-Christian Bauer. The vase has a timeless design with inspiration from the classic ceramic vases that Svend Hammershøi created in the early 1900s, he was a well-known artist famous for his large ceramic vases with furrows. This little vase the same stylish look but with a modern touch and is suitable for a smaller bouquet or a single flower.

Hans-Christian Bauer


Height: 10 cm, Ø: 8.5 cm.
Height: 12.5 cm, Ø: 13.5 cm.
Height: 20 cm, Ø: 16.5 cm.
Height: 25 cm, Ø: 20 cm.