Hang Out Coffee Table by UMAGE

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Designer Jonas Søndergaard, 2018

With its clean and minimal organic shape, as well as the combination of wood and fine metal details, the Hang Out coffee table has a classic Scandinavian expression. Thin graceful legs attached to a slender metal bracket and sculptured rounded table top give Hang Out a light and airy profile.

Underneath the table top, a special bag is suspended across Hang Out’s three legs like a hammock. The stylish two-sided leather and textile bag is perfect for storing your remote controls, telephone, book, tablet, magazine or other smaller items.

This temporary storage space is just the place for clearing things away from the coffee table when friends or guests come to visit. With clutter placed out of sight, the table’s gently rounded corners and attractive profile are kept on display. Hang Out’s wooden table top is also large enough for enjoying a sofa snack in front of the TV, a coffee break or for use as a lap top working area.

With both a leather and textile side, Hang Out’s bag can be easily swapped around to add a different expression to your interior. Use Hang Out as a focal point in your living room, bedroom or lounge area. The coffee table also works well in hotels, foyers and large reception areas.

Jonas Søndergaard, Designer: “We looked at existing coffee tables and thought about how we could add something exciting. Hang Out’s extra bag gives you a hiding place for tidying away those spare items you are left with just before you know a guest is arriving! Hang Out is full of interesting details as you’d expect with Scandinavian design. I love it where the metal of the bracket meets the end-grain of the wood and you see a lovely meeting between the cold and warmth of the two materials.”

H: 19 x W: 30 x D: 29"

Solid oak, plywood (laminated veneer), leather (dark brown), steel (plated brass)