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Mermaid by Hans Bolling for Architectmade

Mermaid by Hans Bolling for Architectmade

$224.00 CAD

Think of Denmark and you think of...mermaids? Yes, that beguiling statue overlooking the water - you know, the one of the mermaid sitting upright on a rock?

Little wonder, then, that Danish architect and designer Hans Bølling chose this iconic form in 1954 as the subject for one of his delightful wood sculptures. Hand carved from maple and smoked oak, Mermaid is abstract yet distinctly feminine and...fishy. Her tail moves, as do her upper body and ringed arms, so like real mermaids she’s never at rest.

Mermaid measures 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm) tall and 5 1/4 inches (13.5 cm) long. A beautiful display piece, lovingly brought back to us by ArchitectMade.