Harco Loor Flag Suspension Light

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Handmade hanging- and ceiling lamps. Frame of stainless steel with 6 mm tube. The tubes can be twisted and stretched in every direction. Rod length changeable. The Flag glasses are fixed through a G4 click system. The lighting fixtures are executed in halogen 12V G4 with built-in transformer. LED NOW AVAILABLE.

Standard Height 110 cm




  • HL10: Ø 90 cm, 10 X 12V, 10W G4
  • HL14: Ø 100 cm, 14 X 12V, 10W G4
  • HL20: Ø 170 cm, 20 X 12V, 10W G4
  • HL24: Ø 180 cm, 24 X 12V, 10W G4
  • HL30: Ø 200 cm, 30 X 12V, 5W G4
  • HL35: Ø 280 cm, 35 X 12V, 5W G4