Hexagonal Containers by Vitra

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Design by Jasper Morrison

The British designer Jasper Morrison has worked together with Vitra for 30 years. Over the course of this long, productive period, he has created a number of small decorative objects in addition to his well-known furniture designs. Morrison has now applied his unerring instinct for proportions and materials to the creation of the Hexagonal Containers – compact all-purpose containers with a six-sided shape that can be arranged in attractive combinations. The weight of the sturdy ceramic material provides good stability, while its fine, cool surface has a strong tactile appeal.

The Hexagonal Containers come in sets of three, with staggered heights in a ratio of 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. Available in coordinated colours, they serve as practical, playful holders for utensils and small objects.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: Base 90mm, Height 35mm, 70mm and 100mm

Colours: Dark Green, Light Gray, Rusty Orange