Horizon Mirror by Normann Copenhagen

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The design duo kaschkasch’s persistent search for the perfect hybrid between functionality and aesthetics is now materialising in the Horizon wall mirrors. With a simple geometric design, the kaschkasch mirror variations create a poetic play on reflections.

Horizon is a collection of wall mirrors in varying geometric shapes that all have a steel shelf integrated into the design. The shelf serves as a practical place to put things on, at the same time creating a beautiful visual effect.

“The idea came to us when we were making models from sheets of paper thinking of the horizon you see when you are at the seaside. It is a playful, and somehow poetic, experience to see the duplication in the mirror,” kaschkasch say when explaining the design.

The reflection in the mirror gives depth to the horizon of the steel shelf while the items placed on the shelf are duplicated in the reflection. With a very simple set-up, a pleasant and fascinating sense of spaciousness is created.

Horizon comes in three versions: a horizontal and a vertical mirror in the shape of rounded rectangles, plus a smaller circular one. The shelf is powder coated in either matt white, grey or delicate light blue.

Colour Options

Glass mirror, steel

Dimensions Options:
Horizon round: Ø34 cm
Horizon horizontal: H: 40 x L: 80 cm
Horizon vertical: H: 80 x L: 40 cm

Maximum load on the shelf is 1 kg.