Idéelle Glass Collection by Holmegaard

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Idéelle by Per Lütken

Per Lütken had a love of curvy, feminine shapes, and this comes across clearly in the Idéelle range. The weight and curved edges of the glasses make them very pleasant to drink from. The range includes glasses for different types of wine, water, champagne, brandy, aquavit and beer––with and without stem.

As Holmegaard's most advanced glass artist, Lütken breathed life into more than 3,000 glass designs, many of which have become classics and highly sought-after collector's items. This is definitely the case with the Idéelle range from 1978.

Mouth-blown glass

Style Options and Size:
Beer Glass: H14 cm, 25 cl
Brandy Glass: H13.5 cm, 22 cl
Champagne Glass: H19.2 cm, 23 cl
Dessert Wine Glass: H15 cm, 14 cl
Red Wine Glass: H19.5 cm, 28 cl
Shot Glass: H8 cm, 3 cl
Stemmed Beer Glass: H18 cm, 36 cl
Tall Shot Glass: H12.5 cm, 3 cl
Tumbler: H11.2 cm, 19 cl
White Wine Glass: H17 cm, 19 cl

Additional Information
Not dishwasher-safe