Illuminant for BaKaRú and YaYaHo 50W by Ingo Maurer

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The light source for BaKaRú and YaYaHo 50W by Ingo Maurer is a dimmable halogen low-voltage Multi Mirro reflector with an output of 50 watts for BaKaRu and for YaYaHo Element 2, Element 3 and Element 6.
BaKaRú and YaYaHo are low-voltage lighting systems by Ingo Maurer and are operated via a transformer. Both light systems can be stretched from wall to wall or mounted on the ceiling.

As with many other luminaires by Ingo Maurer, the owner becomes the co-designer: Horizontal, vertical or even diagonal installation of Bakarú and YaYaHo leave room for individuality.