IsoGrid by Hyfen

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ISO Series is designed and handmade by Jojo Chuang in Texas for Hyfen.

IsoGrid Mirror is an extension from Jojo Chuang’s distinctive Isometric series. A visual language, which allows the designer to develop three-dimensional objects with false perspective that can only exist in two-dimensional surface, bases on isometric grid is created.

The diamond/cube-shaped mirror is the basic unit of the isometric grid. Additionally, the reflective surface in the grid system extends horizontal depths, breaks two-dimensional views into three-dimensional space with this unique experience.

Materials: polished stainless steel, plywood, vinyl veneer
Measurements : 10 (h) /17 (h) inch.

Colour combinations are available in
Granite+Granite Front, Black Back Panel
Granite+Light Green Front, Dark Green Back Panel
Granite+Wine Front, Magenta Back Panel

Due to handmade items and the nature of wood and stainless steel, each piece is slightly different as well as one of a kind.