Jet Shelf by Normann Copenhagen

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The Jet shelf is the result of a designer’s play with surfaces and production. The light aluminium shelf has a spacious design and a clear-cut industrial silhouette, making it appear like a part of a jet fighter’s aerodynamic construction.

The designer, Simon Legald, has experimented with compositions of surfaces, spaciousness and texture and created Jet - a simple yet unconventional wall shelf. An asymmetric relationship between a horizontal and vertical surface creates the Jet shelf’s architectural design and comes together as an attractive platform for storage and display.

The Jet shelf is manufactured by a technique called extrusion. Liquid aluminium is pressed through a specially designed profile to create the 4 mm thick shelf. The profile has small incisions, which create the attractive grooved surface texture. The grooves also ensure that the items placed on the shelf are less likely to slide.

Jet comes in lengths of 80 or 160 cm and in the colours white, black, silver and champagne. The latter three colours have a metallic sheen, which comes from the surface treatment called anodising. Anodising protects the aluminium and in addition, it creates the slightly glittering decorative effect. The raw industrial look makes Jet a refreshingly alternative choice for a wall shelf.

The shelves are easily mounted on the wall with the accompanying shelf fittings.

Colour options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Champagne


Dimensions Options
Jet shelf 80 cm: H: 11 x L: 78.4 cm x D: 21 cm
Jet shelf 160 cm: H: 11 x L: 160 x D: 21 cm