Jul Hanging Ornaments by Architectmade

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The essence of Danish Christmas 

Jul is a series of wooden Christmas decorations designed by Nikolaj Klitgaard. The ornaments stand for everything associated with Danish Christmas, and the impressions they create are unique.
Jul is made up of two collections – Jul – Standing Ornaments and Jul – Hanging Ornaments. Made in natural oak, the Hanging Ornaments consist of five ornaments: Bell, Heart, Cone, Tree (sold in three pieces), and Angel (sold in one piece)

-Oak wood and Leather
-Angel: W5,20 H7,00 cm
-Bell: W3,50 H4,00 cm

-Cone: W4,00 H7,00 cm
-Heart: W6,00 H5,20 cm
-Tree: W3,20 H5,00 cm

-Angel: 1 pc.
-Bell/Cone/Heart/Tree: 3 pcs.