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Kokeshi lamp by Mr Maria

Kokeshi lamp by Mr Maria

$387.00 CAD

You might wonder who this cute little character is that shines so brightly. Well, her name is Kokeshi and she originally comes from a place with beautiful misty mountains where dazzling dragons live. There are a lot of beautiful stories about her. In the north of her mysterious island it is custom to give a Kokeshi doll when a child is born. It is said that whoever receives her will have good fortune in life. This dimmable LED lamp provides a warm and serene glow - ideal for story telling with your little ones. The minimalistic features combined with the sense of kindness make Kokeshi a positive addition to any modern décor. We hope her cute little smile will soon brighten up your home as well.

LED lamp with dimmer



3kg/6.6 lbs.

L 36 x W 33 x H 63 cm
L 14" x W 13" x H 24"

Designed and made in Holland