Lean On Me Coat Rack by UMAGE

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Designer Jonas Søndergaard, 2018

The Lean On Me clothes rack lets you comfortably store all of your outdoor essentials whilst still making the most of the space available. Designed to lean at an angle away from the wall at its base, Lean On Me takes up almost no space on the floor. Perfect for narrow hallways and other places where room is tight, the clothes rack is still wide enough at the top for placing coat hangers along its rail in two directions.

Clean, minimal and functional, Lean On Me has a bold shape with a stripped down elegant appearance reflected by robust and long lasting materials and well thought out details. Powder coated steel gives the clothes rack a classic metal expression broken up with a warm brass effect. A leather pouch on top of the clothes rack softens the strong lines of the metal frame, adding a tactile detail to the furniture.

The Lean on Me clothes rack is ideal for storing coats, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, shoes and other items. There is a small shelf for placing handbags as well as a hole for your umbrella. The clothes rack’s frame has extra loops for pushing through scarves or hanging that selected outfit for display. The leather pouch on top of Lean on Me is also just right for storing gloves and other soft items and ‘S’ hooks are also provided for hanging bags or any other scarves and jackets.

Easily mounted on the wall and very stable, Lean on Me is strong enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Its head turning design makes it an impressive piece to greet visitors in the important hallway area of the home. Its high adaptability and space saving lean means that it can also be used for small clothes areas in the bedroom or elsewhere around the home, office or even in a boutique hotel.

Jonas Søndergaard, Designer: “Lean on Me has a bold shape and a really nice stripped down minimal appearance. The main idea for Lean On Me was to have space where you need it by your feet because corridors are generally small spaces. The lean design really helps with this and creating space for the feet where you walk in suddenly means you don’t feel so cramped. I wanted the design to give you the option of being able to hang the coat hangers in both directions, depending on how much space you have. There are lots of nice features; I really like the small loops where you can shove things in aswell as the brass parts and the leather details. The compact size and functionality of Lean On Me is really valuable as people rarely have clear walls.”

H: 72 x W: 31 x D: 13"

Steel (powder coated/plated brass), leather (dark brown)