Level Bookshelf by Karl Andersson & Söner

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Design by Lina Nordqvist

Level (2012) is the bookshelf that consists of a number of irregularly spaced rods that support several shelves at different heights. Lina has drawn her inspiration from builders’ scaffolding and the distinctive appearance of apartment block architecture. The distance between the shelves is adapted to the different sizes of paperbacks, hardback books and magazines that can be placed between the rods.

The bookshelf comes in two heights and three widths. It is finished in standard colors and standard stains on ash. The bookshelf is supplied ready assembled with adjustable screws in the legs to ensure they stand straight and steady. Use Level as a room divider or place it against a wall in the living room and kitchen at home, the office or the library, etc.

Colors: black, yellow, red, green, snow white, white, gray, anthracite

Stain colors (on ash wood): black, snow white, green, red, blue, brown, gray, anthracite

Available in:

LE752: H 860 B 750 D 320

LE1102: H 860 B 1100 D 320 (*green shown in images is special color)

LE1702: H 860 B 1700 D 320

LE756: H 1900 B 750 D 320

LE1106: H 1900 B 1100 D 320