Little Birds by Normann Copenhagen

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Little Bird is a range of irresistible decorative figures designed by designer Jan Christian Delfs. The simple, but expressive, design represents a well-balanced mix of purity, abstraction, minimalism and, not least, cuteness.

The birds are turned in wood with the fine and characteristic beak as the sole detail. The design still appears living and easily readable, “My eighteen month son said “tweet tweet” when he saw the first prototypes. It was a good indication that the simple design hit the spot!”, explains Jan Christian Delfs.

Little Bird is created with inspiration from the designer’s own family. The six different sizes in the range each represent a particular character in the family. Tiny design related variations give the birds personality.

As a clear collector’s item, Little Bird is sold individually so the flock of birds can continuously grow. The birds are available in two variations: in coloured lacquer, where each figure has been given its own colour, and in pure oak for a more classic look.


Dimensions and prices
Little Bird 3 cm: Light Pink, Walnut or Oak
Little Bird 4.5 cm: Ink blue, Walnut or Oak
Little Bird 5 cm: Magenta, Walnut or Oak
Little Bird 7 cm: Blue Green, Walnut or Oak
Little Bird 10 cm: Yellow, Walnut or Oak
Little Bird 13.5 cm: Dark Blue. Walnut or Oak