Locker Box by Vitra

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Flexible work solutions have been transforming the way we work for several years now . Work is no longer confined to an assigned desk but occurs in changing locations . When working from home, it is helpful to have practical containers for carrying and storing our utensils . Konstantin Grcic teamed up with Vitra to develop a portable caddy that can hold everything required for work tasks – laptop, papers, pens, cables, headphones etc . – and is easily stored away at the end of the day .

Locker Box has a simple sturdy construction . Two side panels made of recycled plastic are joined together using aluminium tubes . The top tube serves as the handle . A structure of textile panels with welded seams is suspended on the remaining five tubes to form compartments .

Locker Box is light and easy to handle and provides a useful tool for agile work routines in the home office . It comes in a choice of colours and can be quickly dismantled if required .

Materials: recycled polypropylene (100% recyclable), aluminum, 100% polyester fabric

Dimensions: 465mm x 180mm x 330 mm

Colours: Deep Black, Sea Blue, Dark Grey, Brick