Luceplan Glass Glass Suspension Lamp

by Luceplan
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With GlassGlass, thanks to its versatility, lighting scenarios and different atmospheres can be created to match everyday situations. The blown glass diffuser bodies are ?originals? because, although made within a modern cycle of serial production, the ancient blowing process craft is maintained, as it was in Syria and later in the Roman Empire in 100 BC. The light can be clamped both to the ceiling and to the wall.The attachment rosette comprises a rigid arm and, in the case of wall installations, it allows the diffuser to be distanced from the wall. The electric cable is a bearing element because it runs along a steel mesh sheath. This can bear heavy weights, the ends of which are fixed to the rosette and to the terminal diffuser ring support. The system of the ring with handle, fixed to the mouth of the glass, and easily hooked onto the bearing frame, offers handiness, safety, simple assembly and maintenance previously unthinkable for glass diffusers on that scale. Glassglass makes it possible simply to interchange its glass units chosen from a wide range of forms, colours and transparencies to satisfy the most diverse and personal needs.


Rizzatto, Paolo, 1998


  • Glass diffuser Die-cast aluminium structure


  • Size: 121cm Height x 21cm Width
  • D31 P/1: Height 27cm x ø33cm
  • D31 P/2: Height 33cm x ø39cm
  • D31 P/5: Height 43cm x ø40cm
  • D31 P/9: Height 30.6cm x ø22.5cm
  • D31 G/1: Height 56cm x ø38cm
  • D31 G/2: Height 25cm x ø29cm


  • D31P: 200W IAA E27
  • D31P: 250W HSGST/F E27
  • D31P: 23W FBT E27