Lumen Center Flat Saturn 1, 2, 3 Suspension Light

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Flat Saturn 1, 2, 3
Flat Saturn is a lighting system which combines RING3, RING6, RING12 in one suspension. It's available in two rings versions: R3+R6 and R6+R12; and also in three rings version combining R3+R6+R12. Dimmable power supply located in the ceiling rose. Transparent power and suspension cables. Natural anodized aluminum finish.

Technical Features

Light Source
Flat Saturn 1: 56,7W
PUSH,1...10: 110/240V 5670lm 3000K CRI>90
TRIAC: 220/240V 5100lm 2700K CRI>90
Flat Saturn 2: 113,4W
PUSH,1...10: 110/240V 11300lm 3000K CRI>90
TRIAC: 220/240V 10170lm 2700K CRI>90
Flat Saturn 3: 132,3W
PUSH,1...10: 110/240V 13230lm 3000K CRI>90
TRIAC: 220/240V 11900lm 2700K CRI>90