Mean Machine Notebook by Hay Denmark

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HAY’s latest design collaboration with Bertjan Pot has resulted in this colourful series of notebooks. Each Mean Machine pad features a geometric-patterned cover and contains a combination of lined, grid and plain pages. Available in A4, A5 and A6 sizes in a variety of multi-coloured designs.

Note: Hay products are not shippable to the USA

Bertjan Pot

Style Options

  • A6 (Dice; Nationalist Donuts; Squares and Triangle)
  • A5 (BlockBlockDot; Block and Dot; DripDrip)
  • A4 (Dice; Madly Woven; Nationalist Donuts)


A6: H5.83" x W4.13"
A5: H8.27" x W5.83"
A4: H11.69" x W8.27"