Meta Bowls by Normann Copenhagen

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Like small futuristic, colourful gleams from another world, Meta adds sophisticated bling to your interior. Meta is a family of shiny, metallic bowls for decoration, serving, or storage.

Meta is made from aluminium, with a shiny outside and a glittering inside. The glittering effect is achieved by anodisation, a surface treatment that protects the material and gives a hard-wearing surface. The difference between the outside and inside produces a varying impression of the same shade of colour. A refined detail that discretely contrasts the clean design.

The aluminium’s light, industrial expression is reinforced by the simple design. A strict tubular shape is broken sharply, creating the geometric, capsular design. In combination with the attractive metallic colours borrowed from the world of fashion, Meta achieves a dreamy, futuristic expression.

The family consists of five bowls of varying heights and diameters, which generate a dynamic expression when used together. The different sizes invite you to use Meta for many different purposes. The largest bowl is a natural for fruit or salad, while the smaller bowls can store anything from sweets to paperclips. The lowest bowl is perfect for decorative storage, for example of jewellery.

Meta is available in six metallic shades: electric blue, refreshing turquoise, bright red and funky gold, silver and black.


Meta bowl Ø9, H: 4 cm - available in black
Meta bowl Ø24, H: 14 cm - available in turquoise or yellow