Monster Barstool by Moooi

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A soft, puffy and stylish barstool as symbol of the eternal battle between opposite forces that take place in life and can be easily recognized inside ourselves, if we have the courage to open our eyes. Scary? Not at all! You forget all about the monster once you sit down and enjoy the barstool's comfort and softness.

Design by Marcel Wanders

Steel Frame and Foam

Size Options:
High - width 16.1″ x height 40.6″ x depth 20.1″
seat depth 15.4″ x seat height 31.9″ x seat width 16.5″

Low - width 16.1″ x height 36.6″ x depth 20.1″
seat depth 15.4″ x seat height 26″ x seat width 16.5″

Style Options:
Diamond Upholstery
Naked Upholstery

Fabric Options:
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*Please specify colour choice in order notes*

Category I
Macchedil Grezzo
Macchedil Sottile

Category II
Oray Ray
Oray Ronan

Category III
Jacquard Andaz
Jacquard Fresco
Jacquard Old Black Blue
Remix 2

Category IV
Canvas 2
Divina 3
Divina MD
Divina Melange 2
Harald 3
Steelcut 2
Steelcut Trio 3
Tonica 2

Category V
Hallingdal 65
EA, Bearded Leopard Jacquard
EA, Blushing Sloth Wooly Mohair
EA, Blushing Sloth Melange Mohair
EA, Calligraphy Bird Jacquard
EA, The Silent Bison Velvet
EA, Dodo Pavone Jacquard
EA, The Menagerie of Extinct Animals

Category LI:

Category LIII: