Moon Tray by Normann Copenhagen

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Moon is a family of wooden trays for storage of small items, designed by the Berliner duo, Büro Famos. Just like a group of mysterious, perfectly shaped moon craters, the Moon trays create an inviting nook for all the small items and treasures in your home.

Büro Famos became fascinated by the simplicity and elegance of Japanese traditions for serving food and was inspired to draw upon the same aesthetic feeling for the storage of small items around the house. It has resulted in a pure minimalist design created by geometric shapes.

The Moon trays are all circular and their concavity is part of a greater radius that abruptly meets a vertical outer side. A small chamfer on the base of the tray breaks the straight line, creating an attractive shadow gap. Despite its strict geometric design, the expression is not hard and technical, but soft and elegant.

The trays are made from painted birch and are available in two versions: a delicate powder blue and coal black. The flame pattern of the birch grain is visible through the paint, and the organic material adds life and warmth to the design.

Moon is available in three sizes, the two smallest of which have a deeper concavity. The trays can be used together or individually for such things as jewellery, paper clips, small change and keys, serving dry foods or just for decoration.

Black or powder blue


Small: H: 4,6 x Ø: 7,7 cm
Medium: H: 6,1 x Ø: 11,2 cm
Large: H: 2,8 x Ø: 18 cm