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Monster Chair by Moooi

Monster Chair by Moooi

$2,574.00 CAD

A soft, puffy and stylish chair as symbol of the eternal battle between opposite forces that take place in life and can be easily recognized inside ourselves, if we have the courage to open our eyes.

Available to order in various combinations, with or without embroidery and/or arms.


  • Marcel Wanders, 2010


  • Divina Melange (see image swatches for colour choices) or Synthetic Leather, foam upholstered steel frame.


  • Height: 88 cm, 34.6in
  • Width: 62.5 cm, 24.6in
  • Depth: 58 cm, 22.8in

Cleaning Instructions
The chair can be cleaned with a damp cloth and with most quality multi-surface cleaners. If the chair has dust it is best to remove this before proceeding with liquid cleaners. To do this Moooi recommends using a feather duster or a soft dry cloth. Always read the label of any cleaning product you intent to use on or near any item from the Moooi collection.

See link for armchair: