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LED Leaf Table Lamp by Muuto

LED Leaf Table Lamp by Muuto

$295.00 CAD

Design: Broberg & Ridderstråle

Inspired by the leaves on a tree, the LEAF lamp series creates an iconic silhouette depending on the positioning of the lamp's shade and viewing angle. LEAF is available in two sizes and uses energy-efficient LED technology. The lamps dim function makes it possible to control both light and mood and it is a stylish addition to any room, whether in the home, office or other commercial setting.

BROBERG & RIDDERSTRÅLE ON THE DESIGN: "Leaf successfully combines a light and elegant design with an energy-efficient LED technology. Though the design is minimalistic and straightforward, a soft asymmetric geometry gives the lamp an organic and friendly appearance. - Depending on the viewing angle and how the shade is turned, the lamp will subtly transform its shape to create a graphic and leaf-like silhouette in the room."

Aluminium, Brass, Coloured PVC cord. Bulb included.

Colors: Grey, White, Black, Green

Technical specifications:
230V transformer, 12V OLED light source 5W, Bulb lifetime appr. 30.000 hours.

Cleaning instructions:

Wipe off dust with dry cloth. If necessary use moist cloth, then dry off. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.


Height: 41,5 cm
Base diameter: 18 cm
Lamp Shade: 15,5x18,5 cm