Perfection Carafe and Holder by Holmegaard

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Perfection by Tom Nybroe

Decanting of wine into a carafe unfolds the full potential of the wine, but also elevates a young everyday wine to a more interesting taste experience. Tom Nybroe has created Perfection to focus on the most practical and gentle treatment of the wine. When you pour the wine along the narrow neck of the carafe, the wine is flung around by the centrifugal force and is deposited in a millimetre-thin layer on the inside of the carafe for efficient oxidization. A great gift idea––and simply a must for a wine tasting evening.

A holder for your carafe means that you avoid calcium build-up and dust in your Perfection carafe .The carafe holder has been especially designed for the Perfection carafe. When you have used the carafe, you simply rinse with warm water and place it upside down in the holder. This means that it is always sparkling clean and ready to serve. The holder is covered with silicone to protect both carafe and storage surface.

Carafe: Fine glass
Holder: Steel

Carafe: H27 cm, 220 cl
Holder: H19.1 cm