Pif Paf Puf Hanging Storage by OYOY

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Pif Paf Puf is a simple, light and suspended storage solution for your kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, office or living room. A delightful redesign from the 80’s functional suspended thread-bowls - simple and timeless.

Colour Options: 
Dark Grey (almost black)

ONE - Ø 20 x H 60 cm
TWO -  Ø 20 (small), Ø 25 (medium) x H 85 cm
THREE - Ø 20 (small), Ø 25 (medium), Ø 30 (large) x H 110 cm (only available in dark grey)

Powder coated metal / Handknotted raw leather strings
Carrying capacity: max 2 kg

Matching ring for hanging is enclosed. The suspensions strings are natural leather 

How to care:
Wipe with wet/damp cloth on the metal part for cleaning and wipe hereafter with a dry cloth