Quartz Sound Absorber by Karl Andersson & Söner

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Design by Joel Karlsson

Quartz (2011), is a rectangular tile of sound-absorbent, compression-moulded fibre-felt in a choice of three lengths: small 320 mm, medium 480 mm and large 640 mm. Each rectangle is 160 mm wide and 56 mm in depth. The inspiration for the design comes from the endless variations of classic parquet flooring patterns that can be created with just a few simple basic shapes. Quartz comes in a choice of four colours; black, off-white, red and champagne.

Quartz can either be fixed to the wall in any pattern you wish, or suspended as free-hanging acoustic panelling in a choice of ready-made patterns. Below, you will find a simple CAD program with the ready-made patterns – brick, rain, herring-bone, Inca, diagonal, mix, etc. – or you can design your own Quartz patterns. Quartz has been tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) in accordance with EN ISO 354 and awarded a Class D rating (high absorption) according to EN ISO 11654. Quartz can be installed in areas where the sound level needs to be reduced, and in rooms that you wish to divide up into smaller units.

Small: L 320 B 160 D 56 mm
Medium: L 480 B 160 D 56 mm
Large: L 640 B 160 D 56 mm

Colour Options:
Off white