Sand Tableware by Design House Stockholm

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The matte structure exploits the play of light on the surfaces and the stoneware is fully or semi-glazed with a transparent glaze. The shapes and finishes are soft and each piece can be used in several ways — the cup without a handle could just as well be a bowl, the bowl could be used to serve soup or serve as a dish. “It’s a bit mismatched, but it still fits, it doesn’t all have to look exactly the same to work together. The forms are what binds the dinnerware together, and there is something very Scandinavian about that,” says Carina

Carina Seth Andersson

Plate - 12 cm
Plate - 19 cm
Plate - 26 cm
Plate - 28 cm
Small Bowl/Cup - 22cl
Bowl/Cup - 35cl
Cup with Handle - 35cl
Bowl - 17 cm
Coupe Plate/Low - 4 cm

Care Instructions
Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Room temperature to oven safe.