Slice Round Linoleum Table by Normann Copenhagen

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Design: Hans Hornemann, 2015

Normann Copenhagen’s Slice collection is sprouting anew, and the beautiful oak tables, designed by Hans Hornemann, are now joined by a bench, a bar table, a coffee table and a round table in two sizes. The new designs open up for a wealth of new interior design opportunities in both private homes as well as offices and restaurants.

With the introduction of a Slice bench, the pure, harmonic design of the series can be completed in an evocative dining environment in the Nordic style. The new round Slice table is a natural gathering point, whether it is used as a café table, a conference desk or a dining table, while the Slice bar table is an obvious choice for bars, cafés and restaurants. Create a stylistic connection in your decor by bringing the style of your dining area into a lounge area with the newly arrived Slice coffee table.

In the design of the Slice collection, attention has been heaped on the details and proportions, giving Slice a solid expression and a visual lightness. The new designs come in two different versions: one with a linoleum top and an entirely new vol. 2 version. Where the original Slice table has openings between the boards of the table top, Slice vol. 2 has an entirely smooth top, which gives a calm appearance and a practical, even surface.

The durability of the materials makes the Slice collection well-suited for frequent use. The oak has a matt varnished surface that protects the wood and makes it easier to maintain. Linoleum is a natural product known for its anti-bacterial and self-healing properties, and the velvety surface is soft and pleasing to the touch. With its hard-wearing materials and balanced mode of expression, the Slice collection offers timeless furniture design that shines with warmth and exclusivity.

Tabletop: Linoleum on particleboard, with oak veneer edges
Legs: Oak

Dimension options:
Slice Ø95: Ø: 95 x H: 74 cm
Slice Ø120: Ø: 120 x H: 74 cm
Slice Ø200: H: 74 x Ø: 200 cm