Soft Tiles Bathroom Mat by Zone Denmark

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The Soft Tiles bathroom mat from Zone Denmark adds a stylish touch to any bathroom and sets cosy accents in the bathroom ambience. Their fine tile pattern provides a light structure and a discreet eye-catcher. Together with the matching Tiles Shower Curtain, you can create a uniform look in the bathroom.

Made of 100% cotton, the mat is particularly absorbent and is therefore perfect as a rug before the shower or bathtub. In addition, the feet remain protected from the cold tiled floor after getting out of the shower and are pampered with a soft feeling.
The Soft Tiles bathroom mat, designed by VE2, is available in various colours and can be perfectly combined with those of the Ume and Nova series.

100% Cotton

Soft Grey

Depth: 50 cm, Length: 80 cm