Candlestick Candle holder by Gubi

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With its simple yet elegant silhouette, the Candlestick by Space Copenhagen unifies the industrial materials of burnished steel and dark antique brass. The heaviness of the candlestick is an unexpected contrast to the light design expression, giving it a sense of extravagance. The Candlestick is characterised by its contrasts, but with materials beautifully ageing together, they are united in a magic way. As a collection in five different heights, the Candlestick can be used as a striking singular object or in a composition of several. Arrange multiples in a strict line or in a cube formation, or in a random and more playful manner to fulfil its flexibility of being an elegant or casual candlestick.

– 12: Ø3.9-4.5 x 12 cm
– 17: Ø3.9-4.5 x 17 cm
– 20: Ø3.9-4.5 x 20 cm

– Space Copenhagen