Strut the Pill Coffee Table by Lyon Beton

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Lyon Béton and designer Bertrand Jayr have teamed up once more to bring you this sensuous, multi-use table. A hybrid of a coffee table and a gueridon, Strut features a two-tiered, two-medium tabletop that invites you to arrange your decorative items and other objets d’art like actors in a miniature theater.
The pedestal’s fluting brings added texture to the concrete. Let it catch the light and cast shadows. Run your hand along the pedestal’s curved sides and you’ll hear it purr beneath your fingers.
This version, which features an oblong tabletop, creates a playful sense of disequilibrium offset by the sturdy concrete pedestal. The glass tabletop is reversible, the better to adapt to your living room.

fiber concrete/tempered glass

Natural Grey/Dark Grey