Tablecloth and Napkin by Normann Copenhagen

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Table Tableau is Norman Copenhagen's take on the classic table setting, and an invitation to bring back old virtues and make an effort with a beautifully set table. Design agency Femmes Régionales is behind the collection, which consists of block candles with delicate, grooved surfaces, tablecloths with golden details, and cloth napkins with delectable patterns in light brushstrokes.
"The ability to set a beautiful table was a highly-regarded virtue in days gone by. It signaled refinement and indicated that one had invested time in creating a special setting for one's guests. A level of care and immersion that seems to have been left behind in today's busy, digitized way of life," say Femmes Régionales, who hope that Table Tableau will inspire people to rediscover the joy of table setting.
Table Tableau is for both hosts and guests; have a party composing a table setting with the playful patterns, or bring along the napkins and candles as a delightful gift for your host. Everything is set for good times and memorable moments around the table. Bon appétit!

Femmes Regionales - 2017

100% Cotton

Tablecloth - H 140 X L 270 cm
Napkin - H 40 x L 40 cm

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