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Totem Suspension Light by LZF

Totem Suspension Light by LZF

$7,688.00 CAD

 The Totem lamp is a result of the combination of two different designers and their ideas. German Burkhard Dämmer and Spanish Mariví Calvo fused together Dämmer’s original models the poppy and the pod to create this powerful light sculpture. Given its monumental proportions Totem was conceived for huge areas. The peculiar disposition of its screens creates an imposing vertical object, a volume full of rhythm and harmony. Thanks to its versatility and combination potential, it is available in three standard configurations. But other possibilities can be studied…

Light Emission: uniform

Security: IP20

available in:

Totem-3: Ø28.74" x 59.45

Totem-4: Ø33.86" x 88.98"

Totem-5: Ø33.86" x 112.6"


American White, Beech, Cherry, Chocolate, Grey, Orange, Red, Yellow, Sky Blue, Turquoise.