Track Basket by Normann Copenhagen

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Design by Simon Legald 

The shopping cart's raw metal mesh gave designer Simon Legald the idea for this industrial collection of storage baskets in powder-coated steel. The Track baskets play with visual illusions and graphic patterns in a simple design that can be used anywhere in the home.

Track is comprised of diagonal steel rod tracks that form a minimalist and airy construction. The tracks run in opposing directions on each side, thereby creating a fine pattern of small squares when you look through the basket. You can create new expressions by placing the baskets inside one another, and when the baskets are full, the sporty, diagonal pattern of the mesh becomes apparent.

The Track baskets are available in four sizes in the colours grey, white and rust. Use these raw baskets for books and magazines, towels, toys, as a fruit basket or as a place to store firewood.

Powder-coated steel


Small - 25 x 25 x H: 9 cm
Medium - 23 x 37 x H: 25 cm
Large - 34 x 43.5 x H: 20.5 cm
Extra-large - 33 x 33 x H 49 cm