Twist Candle by 54 Celsius

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The twist candles use the flexibility of wax. Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base. In this project the designer combined both base and the candle in a single material shape. By bending and twisting candles a new typology appears combining form, function and fun. Burning time: Approximately 10 hours per end.  This candle is unscented


9.45 x 3.93 x 6.89 inches (24 x 10 x 17.5 cm)

Paraffin wax, cotton wick

White, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Lavender, Black, and Mint

Safety warning: Burn both wicks at the same time and on a flameproof base. 

As warm weather is arriving, we are noticing that Twist candles may deform if placed in areas that are too warm for extended periods of time. To avoid this, please keep them out of areas that get direct sunlight or may become too warm.