Urbania Lighthouse by Kähler

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Design by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker

The Urbania candleholders are designed by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker for Kähler. The candleholders are made of ceramics and are all shaped as different houses with a modern expressions. The flickering light and the shadows, that are cast from the inside of the candleholders, create a beautiful effect and definitely bring a coziness to any room. 

Material: Ceramic

High Building: W 7.5 cm, H 22 cm
High Tower: Diameter 9 cm, H 22.5 cm
Gallerie: D 10.5 cm, W 12 cm, H 18.5 cm
Manor: W 8 cm, H 17 cm
Church: W 10 cm, H 18 cm
Long Church: W 7 cm, H 10 cm
Town House: D 9 cm, W 9 cm, H 12.5 cm
Little Tower: W 8 cm, H 11.5 cm
Functio: W 7 cm, H 9 cm
Classical: W 7 cm, H 9.5 cm
Smithy: W 7 cm, H 10.5 cm