Venezia Recycled Plastic Coffee Table by Tiptoe

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Our aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to design objects in recycled plastic that combine beauty and timeless style as well as being long-lasting. The challenge we faced was to go beyond mere recycling and to create extraordinary items that make us completely forget the previous use of the plastic from which they are made!

It takes around 100 yoghurt pots to produce the top for a VENEZIA table! This explains the top’s white colouring. The burst of colours, gold or silver, come from the label fragments which also give us clues about its previous incarnation! The VENEZIA is really a nod to Terrazzo, the celebrated tiles, also traditionally made from cast-offs of other bits of mineral waste. Each VENEZIA table is unique and has its own, individual history, of plastic given a second youth through recycling!

Powder-coated steel, epoxy paint.

The tabletops are 100% recycled but also 100% recyclable. They are manufactured using an innovative process. The plastic waste collected is reduced to chippings and then pressed (without any binding agent) so as to form a board. They are specifically designed to fit on to legs or wall BRACKETS.

3 TIPTOE legs 43cm / 1 recycled plastic white tabletop diameter 80cm / tabletop thickness 2cm

Leg Colour Options:
Graphite Black
Cloudy White
Rosemary Green
Eucalyptus Grey
Sunflower Yellow
Dark Steel

Care Notes:
The tabletops are 100% recycled but also 100% recyclable. It’s a continuous cycle. We transform existing material, which itself can be further recycled when it is no longer useful. It’s a virtuous circle.

The tabletops used in our collection are resistant to stains and to moderate heat. Recycled plastice is a noble material which requires due care. To clean your table or shelf unit, simply wipe with a soft and slightly damp cloth. They are sensitive to certain chemical substances such as solvents, thinners, descalers and strong detergents.

Spills of water, wine or soft drinks, should be cleaned up quickly.

Each board is unique, with its own colour and pattern, which adds to the collection’s charm. During assembly, the boards should be handled with care. The tables are designed for indoor use.