Harmonyware by Areaware

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One of our earliest products was a wearable musical pendant, launched in the late 1980’s, before we were known as Areaware. It was made from a silver chiming sphere, discovered by Areaware co-founders Lisa Yashon and Noel Wiggins in the markets of Taxco, Mexico, a mountainside silver-working town.  In 2016, Areaware reintroduces the chiming sphere as Harmonyware, a line of jewelry newly designed by Michael Savona.

Harmonyware is made in the original chiming sphere workshop in Taxco, Mexico.

Styles & Dimensions

  • Sun : gold-plated sphere, nickel and brass, tawny cord, 20mm
  • Moon: silver-plated sphere, nickel and brass, gray cord, 20mm
  • Day: ivory sphere, nickel and brass, green cord, 20mm
  • Night: black sphere, nickel and brass. navy cord, 26mm