Rhombe Colour Oval Serving Dishes by Lyngby Porcelain

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The color and shape of a serving dish play a part in determining the experience of the food we eat. Maybe the color of the dish is a strong contrast to the ingredients of the food, thereby creating a surprising visual effect. Or a color that reflects one or more of the elements in the dish, thereby creating perfect harmony and cohesion. Either way, the dishes in the Rhombe Color series enable you to present your food personally and creatively.

The large 13.8 inches oval serving dish in the Rhombe Color series is available in purple and dark blue, and the medium 11.2 inches serving dish is available in blue and rose. The colors are cool and inviting, sharpening the senses and presenting food beautifully and surprisingly.

Material: Porcelain

Dark Blue: D 26.5 cm, W 35 cm, H 3cm
Purple: D 26.5 cm, W 35 cm, H 3 cm
Blue: D 21.5 cm, W 28.5 cm, H 2.5 cm
Rose: D 21.5 cm, W 28.5 cm, H 2.5 cm