ARC Vase by Holmegaard

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With ARC, the vision of Sebastian Holmbäck and Holmegaard was to create a stylish response to the romantic, highly colourful trend we are currently witnessing. The combination of a beautiful design line and Holmegaard's unsurpassed glass craftsmanship means that ARC stands out as a state-of-the-art reinterpretation of the vase. With muted shades of dark green and dark blue, it invites nature inside in a completely new series of vases and flowerpots. The invitation is emphasised by the fact the mouth-blown, transparent glass almost extends the visual aesthetic with fresh flowers in the vase or a green plant in the flowerpot, so you capture the beauty of nature both above and through the glass. The large, 21-cm vase is your all-round vase for large bunches of flowers. The 15-cm vase is a sure winner for a handful of single stems. Both sizes look great on a table, a sideboard or a windowsill.

Mouth blown glass

Height 21 cm x Diameter 13.50 cm (Dark Green)
Height 15 cm x Diameter 8 cm (Dark Blue)