Lady with Hat Candle Holder by Bjørn Wiinblad

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Invite the new hat lady into your home so she can spread her happy vibes with her lovely colours, quirky details and hand-painted decorations. Bjørn Wiinblad had a love of figurines with hats, and the archives contain countless examples of how hats keep appearing in new, creative and playful ways. Of course, he didn't design small, pretty hats. No, they were large, opulent creations that were both sculptural and avant-garde in their style – just like in the Lady with Hat series. The candleholder is 16 cm tall and is predominantly pink with green, yellow and blue detailing. The hat is like a mini tower, reaching towards the sky while the elegant lady balances it with her hands. This gives the candleholder a whimsical and imaginative look that is perfect for playful interior design. Use it for both white, coloured, straight and twisted candles – or how about a single decorative flower? The design encourages you to be creative in your interior style. Another recurring detail throughout the series is the presence of the small, figurative flowers placed along the brim of the hats. This is yet another decorative detail inspired by Bjørn Wiinblad’s original shapes and colours. Just like Bjørn Wiinblad himself, the Lady with Hat represents everything that is crazy, quirky, creative and wonderful.


Height 16 cm x Width 9 cm x Depth 7.50 cm