Booi Pendant by Graypants

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Booi is a pendant light designed by Norwegian designer Cathrine Baekken for Graypants Studio.

Booi can be visually linked to the round fenders often spotted on smaller boats; the fixture’s glass eye was inspired by the glass fishing floats once used by fishermen in many parts of the world. Norwegian merchant Christopher Faye was, in part, credited with inventing them. Though no longer commonly used, many of the glass balls are still afloat in the world’s oceans and they have become a popular collectors’ item for beachcombers and decorators alike. These nautical design roots are a connection between the rugged maritime landscapes of Bergen, Norway and Seattle, Washington.

In a manufacturing partnership with Fin Design Studio, the solid-wood cap is handmade in their Seattle studio, which shares both a parking lot as well as a long-standing friendship with Graypants. A white opal glass shade is added to finish the fixture. The hand-finished wooden cap gives a textured, weathered feel, while the linen-covered cord highlights the maritime connection of rope becoming line. Lit through translucent Opal glass, this pendant is a modern reflection of history. Booi comes in two finishes; Ash and Walnut.

Incredibly versatile, the Booi pendant can be hung alone or in groups, or used as an accent light simply resting on a table or the floor.

(NA) Ø 10, H 13 (in)

Power cord wrapped in natural linen. Comes standard in 6.5ft (2m) length.
16ft (5m) cords available on request

(NA) Ø 5, H 1 (in)
(EU) Ø 10, H 2.5 (cm)