Lite-Up Play (sound by JBL) by Kooduu

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The JBL-powered Lite-up Play by Kooduu is an epitome of advanced audio technology housed within a mesmerizing speaker lamp. This Scandinavian masterpiece showcases not just exceptional JBL sound brilliance but also emits a warm white adjustable ambiance. Its elegant, minimalist design is accentuated by soft rounded edges, a comfy wooden handle, and sophisticated brass highlights, making it a premium aesthetic statement. Pair it effortlessly via Bluetooth, and let the Lite-up Play illuminate your spaces with its charming radiance.

As you bask in its captivating glow, allow JBL's superior audio technology to amplify your cherished tunes, setting the perfect ambiance for relaxation, celebration, or sheer aesthetic pleasure.

SOUND BY JBL - kooduu is proud of its partnership with JBL for the design of the Lite-up Play loudspeaker. JBL is renowned for delivering clear, detailed, and robust sound. JBL's unwavering commitment to sound quality, innovation, and understanding its audience's needs has solidified its position as a premier sound brand in the global audio market, and that's what you'll find in the Lite-up Play by kooduu.

Dimensions: 29 cm x 40 cm, Weight 2.03 kg

Materials and Features: 
PE main body, Wooden handle and feet with silicon rubber surface. Battery up to 10 hours playtime and 18 hours lamp-only.
Sound by JBL: speaker 10W range/360* sound, 24W music power output. Bluetooth v 4.2 10m range.
LED light 3000k