1004 Hans Wall Light by Vaarnii

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Hans-Agne Jakobsson

The 1004 Hans Wall Light is a compact and especially functional addition to the Hans series of lights. This smallest member of the family can be used singularly, in small spaces, or in rhythmic multiple, alone, or in concert with other members of the Hans series – wherever the warm glow of pine-filtered light is desired. The construction of these wall lights has been reengineered and uses the best quality pine veneer and sections of solid Finnish pine.

Handcrafted in Finland.


Hans pendants are handmade in Finland from a combination of solid pine wood and the finest pine veneer. The circular strips of veneer might not be completely symmetrical, as pine is a natural material that lives and seeks its shape. This means that each Hans Pendant is a unique piece.

Pine is a very characterful material. As a result of the naturally occurring oils and resins, pine will change colour as it ages. Heartwood and sapwood will start aging at a different speed resulting in gorgeous stripy patterns. The color will gradually even out and mature to a beautiful honey tone over the course of years.