Bride and Groom Figurines by Kay Bojesen

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Kay Bojesen's Bride and Groom is original and classic Danish wood craftsmanship at its best – designed in Bojesen’s iconic round shapes with a familiar twinkle in their eye.

The groom measures 7.1" and is elegantly dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. Meticulous details such as buttons, pocket handkerchief and lapels bring the jacket to life and the Groom's happy and welcoming smile gives him charm and personality. The shape of the groom is based on the original figurines from the archives, which are simple and minimalist, but full of heart and soul.

The bride measures 6.7" in height and comes in a floor-length white dress with long sleeves and feminine silver details in the form of a tie around the waist and at the wrists. Using a fine line, ultra thin stripes have been painted on the dress, giving it a sense of movement and texture. This touch accentuates the figurine’s soft shape and adds an extra dimension to the white dress. The hair is swept back in a simple hairstyle, and like Kay Bojesen’s original figurines, the cheeks are red and the smile is friendly and welcoming.

The figurine is made from FSC-certified beech and crafted in the same high quality that Kay Bojesen's wooden figurines are known for.

Materials: Painted beech

Groom: D 5 cm, W 8.5 cm, H 18 cm
Bride: D 5 cm, W 7 cm, H 17 cm