Eos Esther Lampshade by UMAGE

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The name Eos originates from Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, referencing how the lampshade looks like clouds in the sky. Esther is available in five colours of three different sizes and can be mixed and matched in clusters to create mesmerizing clouds in the ceiling.

Esther is an elegant and slim cloud hanging from the ceiling. The lampshade can be rotated and hang from four different angles, extending the flexibility and visual effect of the lampshade. The oval shape of Esther makes it an elegant solution for the dining table.

Eos is a flexible lampshade that can be used as either a floor-, table- or pendant lamp. The lampshade can be combined with a large variety of the UMAGE lighting accessories: Santé family and Tripod family or as a pendant hanging from Cord Set.

Available in six different colours inspired by nature.

Esther mini: Approx. 1330 goose feathers, textile and steel
Esther medium: Approx. 2790 goose feathers, textile and steel
Esther large: Approx. 4860 goose feathers, textile and steel

Esther mini H: 16 W: 52 D: 44 cm
Esther medium: H: 22 W: 66 D: 52 cm
Esther large: H: 24 W: 79 D: 64 cm