Mooon Carpets by Moooi Carpets

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I love you to the moon and back. Shoot for the moon. Over the moon. Fly me to the moon. There are few celestial objects as mesmerising and fascinating as that pale object that orbits our blue planet. It’s the steady presence in the night sky surrounded by countless stars. The source of light in even the darkest nights. Countless stories, songs, and myths have been inspired by the moon. And even though modern technologies have allowed us to map more of the moon than ever before, it’s magical presence will always remain a bit of a mystery.

Thanks to the high-resolution visualisations, courtesy of NASA, you can now bring the magic of the moon a bit closer with the Mooon Carpet. The Mooon Carpet shows the nearside of the moon, including the Tycho and Copernicus craters in vivid detail. Dare to ask for the Mooon and bring outer space into your home.

Materials: Low Pile Polyamide, Wool or Soft Yarn Polyamide

Styles: Basalt, Marble or Opal

Dimensions: Ø 150, Ø 250, Ø 350